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We are all living our legacy, every moment of every day…

I was tired of living mine by default.


Hi! I’m Kat, and I’m known for doing the seemingly impossible. Most recently, I wanted to build a new life and enjoy every moment with my husband. So we packed up our entire life and made a major move…in the middle of a pandemic. We’re now embracing an exciting and rejuvenating new way of living.

I was tired of living my legacy by default, so I embraced this catalytic shift and made magic happen.

The truth is, we’re all living in a world of constant, unrelenting, unpredictable disruption…whether we like it or not. By embracing that disruption, we can turn it into a catalyst for something new—something that allows us to live our legacy by design, not default.

As a keynote speaker, I reveal how, by saying “Hell YES!” to disruption in your life, you can open yourself up to a catalytic shift that can transform your life.

Kat Oullivan

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My life has been a series of adventures in doing the impossible.

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I traveled and performed with Up With People my senior year of high school, the catalyst for me becoming a lifelong changemaker. Although we’d never met, I called Bob Hope and convinced him to sponsor my travels and hit the road.

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I created a volunteer program for “at-risk” girls in residential treatment, giving them the opportunity to experience their value. They went from “problem child” to young women making a priceless contribution in the community.

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As an employer, I saw first-hand that our education system was not preparing youth for the real-world. I created a project-based learning model that continues to be replicated nationwide.

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I met a precious little girl with a terminal illness whose parents had abandoned her…and I opened my heart and adopted her, transforming both of our lives.

For the past 15 years, I’ve served as a trusted advisor to owners of privately-owned businesses, as well as providing leadership development, coaching, and training to their organizations. The common challenge? Their success was putting their businesses at risk. They were at a stage of growth where what worked before was no longer working and they needed to make some significant shifts.

Every adventure starts with embracing disruption.

What’s holding you back from living
the legacy you want?

Carolina Caro

“Kat is not only charismatic, she delivers a life-
changing message that every woman needs to hear!”

Carolina Caro Leadership Consultant

David Newman

“If you get the chance to bring Kat into your organization, RUN don’t walk.”

David Newman Marketing Consultant

Kat O’Sullivan

Ready to do the impossible?

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