Kat O’Sullivan

When shift happens…


You know that saying, “The only
constant in life is change?”

I’ll be honest. I don’t love it…

I believe that the only constant in life is a series of shifts.
Change is scary, but a shift is a natural evolution into an exciting new phase. When we accept the invitation to make a shift, we open ourselves up to new possibilities and new opportunities to move toward what we actually want.

What is possible
in your life?

Kat O’Sullivan

You’re ready to stop living your legacy by default. That means you’re ready for a KSHIFT®.

Kat gives audiences the power to do the seemingly impossible.

It’s perfect for people at a pivot-point in their lives, or anyone, anywhere who’s ready to make shift happen. (Especially audiences of women.)

“Delightful. Empowering women to embrace new possibilities. Delivers every time.”

Jerrie Ueberle President and Founder

“Kat’s strategic perspective, creative ideas, and joyful approach makes working with her a true delight. Audiences resonate with her genuineness and fun style.”

Esther Weinberg Chief Leadership
Development Officer

“Kat’s bold approach to life and willingness to challenge assumptions— hers and others’—makes for an empowering message, moving others to go beyond what they think is possible.”

Harriet Stein Mindfulness Consultant

Ready to do the impossible?

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